Daily Bible Podcast Day 238 – Jeremiah 50-51, 3 John

June 26, 2013 in Podcasts by Nathan


“I wrote to the church, but Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will not welcome us. So when I come, I will call attention to what he is doing, spreading malicious nonsense about us. Not satisfied with that, he even refuses to welcome other believers. He also stops those who want to do so and puts them out of the church.” ~3 John 1:9-10

John doesn’t seem to have any problems calling out someone in the church who is prideful and trying the run the church by his own rules. There are still people like this today, who spread contentiousness in the church and prevent it from doing what it is supposed to do.

How should I as a church leader deal with those who are prideful and working at cross purposes to the mission of the church? What is the proper response to those within the church who actively oppose the church’s true mission and disciples?

Father, it seems that there are many in the church who don’t actually care about Your mission. They seem prideful and only interested in their own view of things. Help me and other church leaders to know how to confront these people. Also, prevent my own pride from ever taking over, so that I might never become one of these people. My comfort is always much less important than Your mission.

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