Daily Bible Podcast Day 033 – Exodus 33-34, Psalm 16, Acts 9

December 3, 2012 in Podcasts by Nathan


“The Lord told him, ‘Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying. In a vision he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight.’

‘Lord,’ Ananias answered, ‘I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has done to your holy people in Jerusalem. And he has come here with authority from the chief priests to arrest all who call on your name.’

But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.’

Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, ‘Brother Saul, the Lord—Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here—has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.'” ~Acts 9:11-17

Ananias is understandably skeptical when God asks him to go to Saul. He brings up Saul’s past of persecuting Christians. God tell him to “Go!” anyway. Ananias obeys, despite the fact that Saul is responsible for the arrest of Christians and Ananias is risking his freedom.

If God told me to “Go!” would I obey like Ananias did? Especially if I face potential arrest or persecution? If God told me to go somewhere my faith might actually cost me something, would I?

Father, day to day I don’t risk anything more than maybe some mild scorn for being a believer. I haven’t gone anywhere I faced real consequences for my belief or my attempts to follow you. I’d like to think that I’m willing to go where you tell me. Please make it clear to me where it is you’d have me go and I’ll do my best to obey like Ananias.

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