Daily Bible Podcast Day 354 – John 7-8

October 20, 2013 in Podcasts by Nathan


“’Have any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed in him? No! But this mob that knows nothing of the law—there is a curse on them.’” ~John 7:48-49

The teachers of the law are arrogant in their knowledge. They are the most educated people in their society. They have their entire Bible memorized and think they know enough to judge correctly. Yet, in their pride, they turn out to be blind. They hear Jesus’ words, but are too “smart” and proud to listen and obey.

I place great value on being intelligent, well-read, and knowledgeable. I must be careful that, like the Pharisees, I don’t equate those things with spiritual wisdom. That I don’t become proud or conceited, but that I listen and obey.

Father, I don’t want to just be someone who knows a lot about Jesus. I want to be someone who follows Jesus. Show me opportunities to follow Him and I will do my best to obey. I will try to not value knowledge above obedience, so that I will be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer.

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