Daily Bible Podcast Day 294 – Job 9-10, Acts 13-14

August 21, 2013 in Podcasts by Nathan


“He is not a mere mortal like me that I might answer him,
that we might confront each other in court.” ~Job 9:32

Job is talking about how God isn’t subject to criticism the way we are. Job goes at quite a length to demonstrate the futility of arguing with God or questioning His justice. Job seems to be saying that none of us have any right to question or be angry at God.

I’ve questioned God’s motives and the things He’s allowed to happen before. This verse is a reminder that there’s no reason to do this. What are my feelings compared to God’s perfection? God owns everything, set everything in place, determines its purpose and motion, and then somehow I think that I have any right to question Him?

Father, I don’t always understand why things happen the way they do. There’s a lot that doesn’t seem right to me about the world. Help me to suck it up, move on, and give You the honor and glory You deserve, even when I feel slighted by life. Help me to understand, but if I don’t understand, help me to accept and get on with Your purpose for me anyway.

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