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September 19, 2012 in Site Updates by Nathan

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Daily Bible Podcast.  I’m glad you found me.

The reason I decided to start this project was because, despite the fact that I have been a Christian for 20 years or so, I have never read the entire Bible and don’t read it everyday like I know I should.  My goal is to read the entire Bible in a year, but I was just never able to discipline myself to make it happen.

Thus, I created the Daily Bible Podcast, which is my way of forcing a little accountability on myself to actually do what I know I should.

My current plan is to get this site setup and begin recording two or three chapters from the Old Testament and one or two chapters from the New Testament every day.  By the time we get to 365 episodes, we’ll have listened to the whole bible in a year!  Along with the verses themselves, I will also be adding my daily journal entry to the blog.

My hope is that anyone who stumbles upon this little corner of the internet might find these recordings useful in their own lives and Bible study.  Load up your iPod and listen to it in your car on your way to work, during your lunch break, while you’re exercising (you are exercising, right?), while you’re maintaining your lawn or garden, or any other time where your ears are free but your eyes aren’t.

Please sign up for the e-mail list so I can keep you informed when we will officially launch the first Daily Bible reading.  My goal is to start publishing episodes on November 1st!

In His Grip,

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